5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

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Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. A 4-Step Framework To Figure Out What To Post On Social Media

“Figuring out what to post on social is actually the last step of the process, not the first one.”

I was recently asked by a subscriber for advice about how to create valuable social media content for her audience. She found my suggestions helpful, so I thought I’d share them with you as well.

In this post I break down my four-step framework to figure out what to post on social media and explain how you can apply it to any niche, audience, or goals you have.

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2. How To Improve Your Podcast Listing

“How you can improve your show art, your podcast titles, and your descriptions, and attract more listeners to your show.”

This is an incredibly generous and valuable batch of suggestions for anyone with a podcast.

Justin Jackson offered to give anyone who reached out to him tips on how to improve your podcast listing and shared his feedback in a series of brief videos.

His advice includes suggestions about things like what to do with your brand image (don’t include a microphone unless your show is about microphones) and how to write your show description.

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3. How A Product Went From $0 To $20k In Three Months

“Do you see the pattern? Launch -> learn -> share learnings -> launch.”

Janel Loi went from a fragment of an idea to earning $20,000 in sales of her Newsletter Operating System product in just three months.

Now, Poh Jie shares a look at how she did it including how she drove initial interest, sales, and built the product in public.

Btw, I found this link in the Rational Creatives newsletter.

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4. How A Site Used SEO To Generate A 76% Increase In Search Traffic

“It is absolutely possible to optimize your content in a way that benefits both the reader and search engines.”

Don’t worry — this isn’t too technical and doesn’t suggest you do anything shady.

Alexis Grant explains how The Write Life used SEO to generate a 76% increase in traffic by updating and improving old content, deleting old content that wasn’t worth updating, cleaning up internal links, and more.

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5. Six Lessons I’ve Learned From Helping Thousands Of Creators

“Your content should help your audience transform into who they want to become.”

I was recently interviewed by Stew Fortier as part of his Compound Writing group and you can watch the whole interview or read a summary of it at the link below.

In our conversation I share six lessons I’ve learned from helping thousands of creators including tips about how to create value, identify your ideal audience, and use constraints to make the creative process easier.

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This Is How To Write A “Last Chance” Sales Email

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You’ll see the exact email I sent and learn how to approach the subject line, format, social proof, and call to action within any email you send to drive sales.

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