5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

I almost announced a crazy new project in today’s newsletter.

But at the last minute I decided to give myself a week to talk myself out of doing it.

That probably won’t happen.

I’m rarely able to talk myself out of doing things I’m excited to do.

For example, I wasn’t able to talk myself out of making the “crazy” This Is How I Do It offer you’ll discover below.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. Read This If You’re Not Sure You Can Succeed As A Writer

“Every writer doubts their ability to succeed — even the successful ones. Especially the successful ones.”

Sometimes a pep talk is more than a pep talk.

In this post I share a few thoughts about what it takes to succeed as a writer including ways to reframe your mindset and an exercise that will change your perspective.

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2. Five Ways To Create More Effective Presentation Slides

“Every slide should say one thing.”

I’ve been sending this to everyone I know who puts together presentations.

Tom Critchlow shares five ways to create more effective presentation slides including to make your slide titles tell a story, use visuals to explain instead of decorate, and remember good slides reduce complexity.

Btw, I found this link in the Storythings newsletter.

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3. How An Entrepreneur Grew From 400 to 11,000 Twitter Followers In About A Year

“I have two rules when it comes to engaging with other Twitter accounts: ‘engage everyone, no matter the follower count’ and ‘engage to empower, not to debate.’”

Arvid Kahl accumulated 400 followers in his first 10 years of using Twitter — then he changed his approach and his audience took off.

He breaks down how he grew his Twitter following including engagement, content, sharing, and following strategies.

Btw, I found this link on Amogh Pant’s Twitter account.

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4. How To Get Booked As A Guest On 60+ Podcasts

“Keep the headline nice and simple. ‘Potential podcast guest?…’ is short and to the point, and will usually get opened.”

You don’t have to be famous to get interviewed on podcasts these days.

Daniel Daines-Hutt explains how he got booked on 60+ podcasts in 90 days including how he got 90% of the shows he emailed to say yes, how he found podcasts to approach, and what he said in his pitch emails.

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5. 11 Ways To Grow Your TikTok Account

“You want to be posting about four to eight times a day.”

A lot more strategy goes into growing a social media following than most people realize and that’s especially true on TikTok.

In this six-minute video, Keenya Kelly shares 11 ways to grow your TikTok account including tips on what features, hashtags, and formats to use in your content.

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This Is Crazy, But I’m Offering It Anyway…

I’m so sure you’ll find This Is How I Do It helpful that I’ve got a crazy offer for you.

If you’re not familiar with it, This Is How I Do It is my collection of resources to help you grow your audience, build your business, and get things done.

If you subscribe this week and for any reason don’t find it valuable, I’ll give you a full refund AND an extra $20 as a thanks for checking it out.

That’s right — if you purchase an annual subscription for $120 and don’t find it helpful, I’ll send you $140 back.

Join This Is How I Do It here.

You’ve got nothing to lose and a ton of valuable tips (or at least $20) to gain.

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My Final Words Of The Week

The Foo Fighters have a mantra to prevent themselves from the dangers of perfectionism when recording new music:

“If it gets any better, it’s going to get worse.”

They know imperfect is more interesting than perfect.

They just say it in a cooler way than I did.

Have a great week!


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