5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

There’s so much to learn from a great comedian.

How to write. How to communicate. How to persuade. How to be vulnerable. How to be authentic. How to develop a voice. How to be unique. How to stand for something.

I learned a ton from Norm Macdonald.

The world didn’t just lose a hilarious guy — it lost a hell of a teacher too.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. Read This Before You Launch A Paid Subscription

“Most products focus on monthly subscriptions, but that’s a mistake.”

In the process of growing This Is How I Do It into a $25,000+ annual revenue stream, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to create a successful subscription product.

In this post I share five keys to launching a successful paid subscription including to find out if people want it before you create it, sell different instead of more, and nudge people to annual subscriptions.

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2. How To Focus On One Channel For Your Content Distribution

“Pick a primary content distribution platform. Devote most of your time, effort, and money to growing your audience through that channel.”

I 100% agree with this concept and highly recommend you embrace it.

Ann Gynn explains how to focus on one channel for your content distribution and offers a fill-in-the-blank strategy to help you figure out which channel to use and what you want to get out of it.

Btw, I found this link in the Jess Picks newsletter.

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3. A Directory Of 600+ Online Communities You Can Join

“This website is a free resource for professionals, creatives, students, teachers, and those that are just looking for some likeminded souls to hang out with.”

What a fantastic resource.

The Hive Index is a directory of 600+ online communities you can join organized around interests like marketing, entrepreneurship, and art.

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4. Eight Valuable Lessons From Seven Twitter Growth Courses

“Turn your profile into a landing page.”

Sean Anthony spent $716 buying seven popular Twitter growth courses and then shared the most valuable things he learned in a free Twitter thread.

His eight valuable lessons from Twitter growth courses include how to pick three main content pillars, create a “thought museum,” and identify a problem to help solve.

Btw, I found this link in the Idea Economy newsletter.

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5. How To Learn Copywriting From Norm Macdonald

“Make sure whatever you want to emphasize in a sentence is moved as close to the end of the sentence as possible.”

This is a clever (and helpful) tribute to a brilliant writer.

Dan Nelken breaks down how to learn copywriting from Norm Macdonald by using the comedian’s jokes to illustrate effective copywriting techniques.

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