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1. 24 Concepts That Will Grow Your Audience Or Business

“Attention is reciprocal.”

In my years helping creators grow their audience and business there are some core concepts that come up all the time.

In this post I share 24 concepts that will grow your audience or business including to focus on output instead of outcome, that you don’t need to be everywhere, and that self-promotion isn’t a selfish act.

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2. How To Use The “Dream 100” Strategy To Connect With Anyone

“The exact methodology, templates, and tactics on how to deploy this strategy to connect with basically anyone you want.”

This is so clever.

In a 19-minute episode of the Hustle & Flowchart podcast, Joe Fier explains how to use the “Dream 100” strategy to connect with anyone.

The strategy involves creating a list of people you’d like to connect with, including a link to it in your email signature, and encouraging your existing network to help make it happen.

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3. How To Grow Your Twitter Account In Less Than An Hour A Day

“Your pinned tweet is your REAL BIO. It has to make people go, ‘Woah, don’t wanna miss this.’”

Twitter growth doesn’t have to be as complicated as people make it.

Yannick Veys breaks down how to grow your Twitter account in less than an hour a day including recommendations for how to optimize your profile, write good tweets, and engage on the platform.

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4. What To Say When Someone Says Your Price Is Too High

“If they are not meeting you at your price, you don’t have to meet them at their deliverable.”

Get ready to have your mind blown.

In this 13-minute video Chris Do reveals what to say when someone says your price is too high by role playing a scenario in which a client only wants to pay him $1,000 for a video that typically costs $4,000.

Btw, I got this link from Naveen Sivakumaran.

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5. A Step-By-Step Guide To Using Facebook Business Manager

“Watch this tutorial to discover how to properly set up and organize Facebook Business Manager.”

If you run Facebook ads, chances are you’re going to use Facebook Business Manager at some point.

And you’re also probably going to get frustrated because it’s a convoluted mess.

But this 14-minute video from Tara Zirker offers a step-by-step guide to using Facebook Business Manager that’s as simple and good an explanation of how it works as I’ve seen.

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I talk about the value of repurposing content to maximize its value all the time.

But it’s not a new concept.

Even William Randolph Hearst used to do it.

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