5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

Winners don’t always win.

They just don’t let a loss convince them they’re a loser.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. Five Creative Ways To Get A New Coaching Client This Week

Here’s a list of tactics I came up with that won’t cost you any money and will increase people’s interest in paying for your expertise.

2. 15 Lessons On Creativity From The Beatles

Everything from constraints are the secret ingredient to creativity, to good production is often about the things you omit, to “yes” leads to all kinds of good things.

3. How To Manage Your Time Like A Computer Does

Turns out computers have time management struggles too. This five-minute video shows how they solve them and how you can apply a similar approach to boost your own productivity.

4. How To Use A Sales Ladder To Sell Your Products And Services

Selling’s about more than just making things people want to buy — this will show you how to get strategic about what you offer and what you charge for it.

5. Seven Ways To Improve Your Instagram Profile

This one’s aimed at creative businesses, but chances are you’ll find the tips about how improve your bio, highlights, and profile pic helpful no matter what you do.

A Deeper Dive: Saying No

Some resources you may find helpful:

How To Use A “No” Template To Make It Easier To Say No

Hell Yeah Or No: What’s Worth Doing

What To Say When Someone Says Your Price Is Too High

This Is How I Do It

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My Final Words Of The Week

What’s a specific episode of a podcast about marketing, content, social media, or creators you’d recommend I check out?

Tell me here or just browse the great suggestions others have shared.

Have a great week!


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