5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

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Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. 6 Experiments To Try In Your Next Newsletter Issue

You’ll be amazed what you learn when you run these experiments on how to write it, what to link to in it, when to send it, and more.

2. A Checklist To Review Before You Publish Your Next Piece Of Content

If you check all five boxes, I guarantee your content will perform well.

3. A 5-Step Process To Define Your Ideal Customer

And see how a creator is using it to build a $50k per month business in six months.

4. Seth Godin’s 3-Step Approach To Reading A Business Book

No exaggeration: This may forever change how you read books and what you get out of doing so.

5. How To Generate 100 Ideas To Write About In 30 Minutes

Including how to choose topics and come up with headlines.

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A Soundtrack For Your Week

Want to hear the songs that sounded good to me on my walks last month?

My Walking Music: June 2024 playlist features 170 songs across a ton of different genres and artists ranging from Post Malone, to Whitesnake, to Nils Lofgren.

If you dig that one, you’ll also like the 137 random songs that made my Walking Music: May 2024 playlist.

My Final Words Of The Week

You don’t have to choose between art and business.

Here’s why.

Have an interesting week!


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