People Who Start Things Know This Is True

You start a thing.

You don’t know what it will become. You don’t know if anyone will like it.

You don’t even know if you will like it.

But you start it anyway.

And you discover it’s hard. Harder than you thought.

But you also realize it’s more valuable than you expected.

You discover the value in places you didn’t anticipate.

Other people also find value in the thing you started.

Not everybody, but somebody.

That feels good. Real good.

It encourages you to keep doing it.

Because who knows where it might lead or what other surprises it might have in store for you.

People who start things can relate to this.

They’ve felt it. They’ve seen it happen.

People who don’t start things? The ones who spend all their time thinking and none of it doing?

They don’t know what they’re missing.

That’s a shame.