Love TED Talks? Here Are Five Sites With Talks That Are Just As Good.

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Now, Here Are Five Sites With Talks Just As Good As TED…


Launched in 2008 by Tina Roth Eisenberg, CreativeMornings has grown to be an incredible collection of presentations from creative professionals for creative professionals that take place all around the world and are archived online for further accessibility.

Here’s one of their most popular talks, from Simon Sinek:

The DO Lectures

Also around since 2008, The DO Lectures is the brainchild of Clare and David Hieatt. Born in Wales as a cross-section between a conference and a festival, the DO Lectures have evolved into a global platform for disrupters and change-makers to share their stories.

Here’s one of their most popular talks, from Andy Puddicombe:


An offshoot of Behance and founded by Scott Belsky, 99u is a website and conference designed to help people make their ideas happen.

Here’s one of their most popular talks, from Brene Brown:

Google Talks

As you can imagine, not a lot of people turn down an invitation from Google to come speak to its employees. As a result, Google Talks feature an incredible (and diverse) collection of smart people sharing their perspectives with the world.

Here’s one of their most popular talks, from Marie Kondo:


An inbound marketing software platform, Hubspot is home to some of the best marketing-related talks online.

Here’s one of their most popular talks, from Seth Godin:

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