Theo Epstein’s 20% Rule For Getting Ahead At Work

“Whoever your boss is, or your bosses are, they have 20% of their job that they just don’t like. So if you can ask them or figure out what that 20% is, and figure out a way to do it for them, you’ll make them really happy, improve their quality of life and their work experience.”

Chicago Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein has not only been the architect of championships for the Cubs and Boston Red Sox, but he’s also been named the greatest leader in the world according to Forbes magazine.

Long story short, he knows a few things.

CNBC explains how Epstein approaches his work and to what he credits his rapid rise and career success — most notably his 20% rule for getting ahead in your career.

Epstein also believes it’s important to work with people who aren’t just talented individuals, but who are capable of handling setbacks because “failure is inherent.”