Why Having a Niche Is Good for You and Your Business

“When your audience is ‘everyone,’ you have nothing guiding your creative decisions and therefore are forced into one of two strategies: (a) striving to alienate as few people as possible by avoiding anything remotely controversial (often at the expense of your more interesting or unique ideas), or (b) trying to capture as many people as you can, regardless of who is alienated in the process, by appealing to the most base instincts and impulses of human nature (in other words, the clickbait or fast-food approach).”

Just about every creator or entrepreneur I speak with cringes when I mention the importance of focusing their efforts on a specific niche because they worry doing so will restrict their growth or potential.

They’re wrong.

Chelsea Fagan explains why having a niche business is a great thing and shares what she’s learned in the process of building The Financial Diet into a successful niche media company.

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