15 Truths About Work-Life Balance That Just Might Help You Find It

Work-life balance isn’t easy.

One of the biggest reasons for that is the countless myths we tell ourselves about why we can’t find balance, what might happen if we cut back on our work, and even what balance actually is.

There’s no magic bullet to ensure you find balance in your life, but the following are some ideas to help you reframe how to think about work-life balance and get you closer to achieving it.

1. Work-life balance is not a zero sum game.

Spending time on one doesn’t have to be at the expense of the other. Your work will always be a part of your life and your life will never be without work.

2. Never forget work and life are both privileges.

Appreciate the opportunity to have them.

3. Work is not location dependent.

Don’t fool yourself.

Just because you’re out of the office, doesn’t mean you’re not working — and just because you’re in the office, doesn’t mean that you are.

4. Work-life balance isn’t determined in 10-hour chunks.

It’s as important to find balance during your work hours as it is to find it after hours.

5. Work-life balance isn’t a problem, it’s a symptom.

If you struggle to find work-life balance it’s likely because you struggle to establish boundaries and set priorities.

Address those issues because it’s likely they’re impacting a lot more than just your work-life balance.

6. It’s easy to hide.

It’s easy to use life as a place to hide from work and it’s even easier to use work as a place to hide from life. Stop hiding.

7. The more time you give to your life, the better your work will become.

Work-life balance becomes easier to achieve when you discover the truth of this counterintuitive idea.

8. Your ideal work-life balance is unique to you.

Nobody can tell you what’s the right mix for you —but that doesn’t mean they won’t try. Tune them out and find your own answer.

9. Work-life balance is a moving target.

The work-life balance that serves you best will evolve —and will be different at different stages of your life.

10. Focus on enjoyment first, balance second.

If you don’t enjoy your work and life individually, you’ll never find balance between them.

Get the right ingredients before trying to mix the perfect formula.

11. It’s a daily practice.

Work-life balance requires a daily commitment. Neglect it at your own risk.

12. You can’t have it all.

There’s no balance without sacrifice.

13. The term work-life balance is part of the problem.

It sets you up to fail because it puts the wrong word first.

14. It’s a gift.

Work-life balance can be the greatest gift you ever receive, but the only person who can give it to you is yourself.

15. It’s possible.

But only if you believe it is.