10 Creations Worth Recommending This Week

If you’re one of The Interested, here are a few creations I discovered this week I think you’ll dig.

1. Jimmy Kimmel’s Tribute To Don Rickles

An emotional and memorable farewell to a legend.

2. James Altucher Interviews Tucker Max

A great episode of the James Altucher podcast featuring a conversation with writer/entrepreneur Tucker Max.

3. Colin Quinn’s “New York Story”

An entertaining standup special on Netflix where Colin explains exactly how New York came to be what it is.

4. Jonah Berger’s “Invisible Influence”

This book explains why we make the decisions we make and does so in a super entertaining way.

5. “Big Eyes”

This movie came out back in 2014, but I just got around to watching it. Not the greatest movie ever made, but based on a fascinating true story that’s worth your time.

6. “This Is (Not) It” Podcast

A new podcast with an interesting concept — guests talk about the moment when they thought they had discovered the thing that was going to become their life…and turned out to be wrong.

7. Songs That Sounded Good In March 2017

A Spotify playlist featuring new songs (and some old) that resonated with me in the last month.

8. The Flowstate App

An app designed to help you get into a state of “flow” when you write. It not only blocks out distractions, but forces you keep writing without pausing for more than five seconds — because if you do, you’ll lose what you wrote.

9. The Soundtrack To “Billions”

A Spotify playlist full of music featured in the excellent Showtime series.

10. The “S-Town” Podcast

I haven’t listened to this podcast yet, but over in our For The Interested Facebook group, people are raving about it.