A 4-Step Formula To Generate Unique Ideas To Write About

Combine ideas from your product with an idea from your general knowledge. Combining those two existing ideas results in creativity — a brand new idea.”

If you’ve ever struggled to come up with a topic for a blog post, this is a must-read.

Barry Davret shares a simple four-step formula that helped him write 200 blog posts in 200 days.

It’s loosely based on the 1940 book A Technique for Producing Ideas and starts with you creating a list of 20 broad themes or lessons you want to share with the world.

Then, each night you jot down 10–12 small experiences you had that day or things you noted. When it comes time to write, you simply look for ways to combine one of your broad lessons with one of your specific life experiences and write a post that explores the connection.

And if that doesn’t work for you, you can always try my 50 idea technique.