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How To Become Insanely Well Connected

“If you want to connect with someone professionally to move your goals forward, you need to know exactly why you care about that person or their company. And you need to know how to articulate it succinctly. Everyone seems to have a story about a cold call miraculously turning into a career-making breakthrough. This doesn’t happen by magic. It happens because your sincerity is clearly powered by diligent preparation.”

I’ve shared a lot of ideas about networking before (see examples one, two and three), but this one may be the most thorough and actionable.

First Round Review partner Chris Fralic breaks down his seven rules for making memorable connections including to convey genuine appreciation, offer unvarnished honesty, and end every meeting or conversation with a feeling of optimism.

But the article doesn’t stop there. He also offers tips about how to keep a dream contact list, why it’s always better to get a quick no, and how to track and measure your response rate.