The World Needs You To Do YOUR Thing

There’s something about you.

A quality you have, a skill you’ve refined, or a perspective you’ve honed that’s completely unique to you.

The world needs you to find it, develop it, and share it.

Don’t spend your life and career trying to figure out how to be more like other people. How to model their work, mimic their talent, and thrive in their shadow.

We don’t need another “them” – we need YOU.

We need the unique things you can create and deliver. The opportunity to learn from your experiences and to access the contributions only you can offer.

You need this too.

The sooner you recognize your thing isn’t someone else’s thing, the sooner you reap rewards from your efforts.

This doesn’t mean there’s not value to be found in studying the creations and lives of others.

Inspiration is a powerful tool.

But the purpose of learning from others isn’t to copy them – it’s to ignite your own unique creations.

Too often, when someone changes our world with an innovative idea, we take the wrong lesson from their work.

The world doesn’t need you to replicate what they’ve done. It needs you to find a similar courage and tap your own uniqueness to create value for others.

It’s easier said than done of course.

But it’s far from impossible.

Nobody can stop you from doing YOUR thing but yourself.

But I hope you won’t.

Because we need it.