Nobody Can Stop You From Getting Your Dream Job

You’ll get your dream job when you start doing your dream work.

Start today.

You don’t need somebody to hire you to do it.

You don’t need to apply to do it.

You don’t need somebody to recommend you for it.

You don’t need a “break.”

You don’t need to get paid for it.

You just need to start doing it.

Most people won’t do that.

That’s why most people will never get their dream job.

But you can.

Want to be a marketer? Market something.

Want to be a graphic designer? Design something.

Want to be a stockbroker? Give somebody stock tips.

Want to be an entrepreneur? Sell something.

Stop looking for reasons you can’t do the work of your dreams. Start looking for ways you can.

Nobody can stop you from doing it.

Volunteer. Work for free. Hustle.

Create things. Share things. Get seen. Get better.

Somebody, somewhere, needs your work.

Do it, regardless of the immediate rewards.

When you start doing your dream work, here’s what will happen.

You’ll get experience. You’ll create opportunity.

It will lead to things you can’t currently imagine.

You just need to decide to do it.

Start now.

Good luck.

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