How to Sell Your Art in the Real World

“The successful people are the ones who are able to do the creating and are able to then kind of push into the world — Steve Jobs put a ding in the universe — the people who are actually willing to carry the idea forward, and proselytize it, and evangelize it, and argue it, and advocate for it, and make sure people see it, and make sure it succeeds.”

This is a must-listen/read for anyone who does creative work or is an entrepreneur.

Venture capitalist (and Netscape creator) Marc Andreesen was interviewed on screenwriter (and Billions creator) Brian Koppelman’s podcast about a wide range of topics including how to sell your art in the real world, the advantages of systems thinking, and how to react when the world doesn’t “get” your ideas.

The link above will take you a transcript of their conversation which also includes a link to listen to the audio podcast — I highly recommend it.

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