My 20 Most Popular Posts of the Year

It’s been quite a year for me on Medium.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you who have followed, read, shared, and clapped for the 70 posts and 52 editions of my For The Interested newsletter I’ve published on the platform.

Following are my most popular posts of the year — I hope you learn as much from reading them as I did from writing them.

(And if you’re curious, here are my most popular posts from 2016.)

20. “You’re not going to trick people into getting what you want.”

19. “Your audience isn’t the number of people who consume a particular creation, but rather the number of people you can count on to consume your NEXT creation.”

18. “What connects them all is an ability to consistently inspire, educate, and entertain readers.”

17. “The difference between a good idea and a great one is often the removal of an element.”

16. “What we consider to be rules are often just a set of expectations from others about how things are typically done — they’re rarely the only way things can be done.”

15. “Our goal should be to serve our audience, not to use our audience to serve ourselves.”

14. “Your personal brand isn’t defined by you — it’s defined by your work.”

13. “Life’s too short to not do things we love on a daily basis.”

12. “The best way to ensure our lives change in the directions we want is to reflect on the choices we’ve made and make deliberate decisions moving forward.”

11. “Stop saying yes to things that waste your time, or out of a false sense of obligation or guilt.”

10. “You need to do things. Not enough people do things.”

9. “This decision to stop posting links has been the single biggest driver of increased reach for my Facebook posts.”

8. “Rules are created to protect the status quo — not to spur innovation.”

7. “Experience is the foundation of great writing and the more we acquire, the more we have to draw on.”

6. “The process of communicating an idea we’ve consumed in different formats — speaking, writing, and condensing it — forces us to absorb the idea in a much deeper way.”

5. “Ideas that allow us to acquire skills, experience, and build assets regardless of their ultimate success, are ones worth pursuing.”

4. “Our inbox works for us — not the other way around.”

3. “The first step toward accomplishing something is always a small one. We dip our toe in the water.”

2. “You have to put in the work. Improvement comes from action, not intention.”

1. “When I watch TV now, I keep my phone on a table across the room so I’m never tempted to pick it up. Turns out the only thing stronger than the allure of social networks is the allure of not getting up off the couch.”


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