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5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

“If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.” — W. Clement Stone

Another Thanksgiving is in the books and I hope you had a wonderful one.

As you emerge from your turkey-induced food coma, I thought I’d re-share a post with you I wrote last year around this time.

Check it out — by the time next Thanksgiving rolls around you might be glad you did.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

“It’s good for you, good for the person you promote, and good for your audience. Win-win-win.”

This is so basic, so easy, so effective, and yet…hardly anyone does it (Including me. I should really listen to my own advice more often).

In this post I explain why when you follow someone new on social media, you should post about it and share an example of how I’ve done so in the past and what happens when you do.

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“The world is so crazy busy, there’s so much going on, there are so many distractions…what is going to make somebody who has a few precious spare minutes of their day seek out your music and spend time with it?”

It’s so easy to become so absorbed in the creation of your work that you forget you also need to be able to convince others to care about it.

In this 11-minute video, David Adcock breaks down how to get an audience to care about your work including how to define yourself, focus on a core niche audience at first, and come up with an informed plan to attract people.

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“If your goal is to build a remarkable life, then busyness and exhaustion should be your enemy.”

A study of elite vs. average violin students a few years ago found something fascinating: They each spent the same amount of time practicing, but the elite players spent their time in two concentrated, focused practice sessions a day while the average players spread their practice out throughout the day.

Cal Newport uses this as a jumping off point to explain why if you’re busy, you’re doing something wrong and points out the key to success isn’t to work more, it’s to do more focused work and incorporate more leisure time into your day.

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“The end of a job doesn’t mean, shouldn’t be, and isn’t the end of your life.”

Losing a job can be awful. But…it can also be so much more.

Alex Barnett shares how to find yourself after you lose your job including to ask yourself why you didn’t love your job, reconsider how much you really need to earn, and give yourself permission to feel a full spectrum of emotions.

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“I’ll bet it took him less than a minute to realize he had something he’d rather write than ‘I have nothing I want to say’ over and over.”

It will take you two minutes to read this post and just may cure you of writer’s block forever.

Randy Cassingham explains why there’s no such thing as writer’s block and shares the technique he prescribed to a friend to get him writing again within a matter of minutes.

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Some of this week’s ideas came from Creative Mornings, Kyle Westaway, Steve Bryant, Austin Kleon, and Paul Metcalfe. Image via Davide Ragusa.


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