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When You Follow Someone New On Social Media, Post About It

It helps you, the person you follow, and your followers.

Let’s say you find someone interesting to follow on social media.

Awesome. Now, spread the word about them.

Doing so will help you build stronger connections, provide value to your existing followers, attract new ones, and get noticed.

All you have to do is post something that announces who you just followed and explains why others may want to follow them as well.

Here’s an example from my own Twitter account:

When you post something like that, a few good things are likely to happen:

  1. The Person You Followed Will Notice

Assuming you tag them in the post, they’ll likely notice and check you out. They’ll also appreciate the attention you sent their way, and quite possibly will follow you back.

  1. The Person You Followed May Promote You

There’s a good chance they’ll return the favor by plugging you to their followers or sharing your post that mentioned them — either of which will get you additional exposure.

  1. Your Followers Will Appreciate It

Assuming you followed this new person because they share valuable stuff, recommending them to your own followers is an easy way to provide value to your existing audience.

It’s good for you, good for the person you promote, and good for your audience.


I do this often and it works well every time.

In the example I featured above, that person thanked me, followed me, retweeted my tweet, and led to another person replying to suggest someone else I then followed and connected with.

Give it a shot and I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what comes from it.