5 Ideas For The Interested This Week - For The Interested

5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

1. The First Thing I Send To People Who Give Me Their Email Address

“It’s a big deal when someone gives you their email address. And a big opportunity.”

2. The Definitive Guide To Promoting Your Podcast

“Don’t define your audience. Define yourself.”

3. How To Turn Off Your Work Thoughts During Your Free Time

“That’s the interesting thing about work stress. We don’t actually experience much of it at work — we’re too busy. We experience it outside of work.”

4. How To Brainstorm A Year’s Worth Of Content In A Day

“You must dedicate enough time during one sitting to accumulate the number of article ideas you’ll need to satisfy your goal. I can promise you it will take you longer than you anticipate.”

5. How To Write A Tweetstorm

“In order for your tweetstorm to succeed, your first tweet needs to get people to click through to read the rest of it. Without a first tweet that makes people read on, your tweetstorm is losing a large percentage of its potential audience.”

Three Quick Things Before You Go…

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