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5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

You’re probably going to have a meeting this week (even if it’s a “virtual” one).

It’s probably going to cost more than it’s worth.

Here’s how to find out how much.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. How To Be A More Consistent Creator

“Perfection is the enemy of consistency.”

Successful creators are consistent creators.

In this post I explain how to be a more consistent creator including ways to optimize your habits, goals, schedule, and approach to improve the consistency of your work.

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2. How To See The World Like An Artist

“Part of the job of the artist is to know what season you’re in.”

Corita Kent was an artist, designer, and educator whose work — and approach to it — was highly influential on author Austin Kleon.

In this four-minute video, Kleon shares what he learned from her about how to see the world like an artist including the importance of slowing down and that everything you need to make extraordinary work is in your ordinary life.

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3. How Comedian Sarah Cooper Built A Massive Audience

“Cooper ended up posting more than 37k tweets prior to the ‘How to medical’ video!”

Sarah Cooper has millions of social media followers and people like Ellen DeGeneres and Jerry Seinfeld have spread the word about her and her work.

But…how did that happen?

Trung T. Phan shares an amazing post in which he documents exactly how Sarah Cooper built a massive audience.

To chart her rise, he studied 10+ years of her tweets to analyze each step of her audience growth — from doodles she posted while working at Google, to a Medium post she wrote that went viral, to leaving her job to pursue comedy full-time, to her recent Trump parody videos that skyrocketed her career.

Btw, I found this link in Simon Owens’s newsletter.

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4. How To Make YouTube Videos With Your Phone

“Can these videos really perform well on YouTube? Could they build a successful YouTube channel? Well, I would say that the answer is definitely yes.”

I’ve got a secret to share: I’m thinking about launching a YouTube channel.

In doing some research I came across this 11-minute video in which Gillian Perkins breaks down how to make YouTube videos with your phone.

It’s a crash course in how to shoot, light, edit, and produce great-looking videos with nothing more than your phone.

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5. How To Launch A Newsletter And Grow A Community

“You’re trying to become a habit for your audience so you always want to publish at the same day and time.”

I recently had a great conversation with Ari Lewis on his Mastering The Attention Economy show.

In this 26-minute video I share my thoughts on how to launch a newsletter and grow a community including the hidden value of writing a newsletter, what it takes to attract an audience, and even some reasons why you shouldn’t launch a newsletter.

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This Is How I Do It

I recently launched THIS IS HOW I DO IT, a new weekly newsletter in which I share exactly how I do various things to help others accomplish similar goals.

Last week I explained how I use email to communicate ideas and give feedback, this week I’m sharing how I decide what to include in my newsletter, and next week I’ll break down how I use Twitter lists.

Get access to THIS IS HOW I DO IT here.

I’m sure you’ll dig it.

My Final Words Of The Week

There are so many people out there creating amazing things who you’ve probably never heard of.

One of them is comedian Matt Ruby.

You can watch his new special for free on YouTube and you should because it’s hilarious.

In addition to funny observations about culture, technology, and relationships, the special also features a unique format that makes it a lot more than just a guy telling jokes on stage.

Highly recommended.

Have a great week.


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