5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

In March Madness, the winner of the game is often decided not by what happens on the court, but by what happens at halftime and during time outs.

The “breaks,” are as important as the action.

There’s a lesson there.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. How To Master The Creator Demand Curve And Maximize Your Earnings

“The creator demand curve shows how many fans are willing to pay for your content at a particular price.”

Your fans are not all the same.

Peter Yang explains how to master the creator demand curve and maximize earnings by understanding the difference between casual, active, and super fans as well as figuring out what types of products, services, or content is most likely to appeal to each.

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2. Eight Writing Tips From Roald Dahl

“A writer is someone who says ‘this is not good enough’ repeatedly. A good writer is someone who thinks that and rewrites instead of giving up.”

In the process of writing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and selling 250 million books, Roald Dahl figured a thing or two out about writing.

Sabana Grande shares eight writing tips from Roald Dahl including to not stare at a blank wall, choose who you’re writing for, and recognize perfection is a writer’s best friend and enemy.

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3. How To Tell Your Backstory In A Way That Resonates

“Everyone who has a backstory you admire has absolutely crafted it.”

I guarantee you’ve got a powerful backstory that can unlock tremendous growth and opportunities for you…if you figure out the right way to tell it.

Justin Welsh shares a seven-step process you can use to craft your backstory including tips on how to frame your obstacle, struggles, and change event.

Btw, I found this link in the Weekend Briefing newsletter.

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4. How To Convince People With Your Content

“Content that converts must first persuade.”

This is a deep one, but it includes powerful concepts you can apply to anything you create that’s designed to get people to take action.

Nick Moore explains how to convince people with your content including how to build your own persuasion tool kit and create an impression of inevitability.

Btw, I found this link in Jimmy Daly’s newsletter.

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5. How To Build An Online Presence Without Being Fake

“A niche is a market where there’s already demand. Positioning is the act of defining what makes you different amongst the other players serving that niche.”

You don’t have to present yourself as something other than yourself to attract an audience.

Stew Fortier explores how to build an online presence without being fake and suggests it’s helpful to lean into specific traits you have and serve a clear niche where there’s already demand.

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