5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

Excitement is contagious.

If you’re not excited to create it, it’s unlikely anyone will be excited to consume it.

If you’re not excited to share it, it’s unlikely anyone will be excited to discover it.

If you’re not excited to sell it, it’s unlikely anyone will be excited to buy it.

Get excited.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. Seven Keys To Getting The Right Clients

“Pitch a result, not a tactic.”

In the process of building a successful consulting business, I’ve learned a ton about what works…and what doesn’t.

In this post I share seven keys to getting the right clients including how to figure out if you want to sell service or strategy, whether you want ongoing clients or one-off projects, and how to package the work you deliver.

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2. 21 Blogging Tips From A Blogger Who Makes $30k A Month

“Think of your blog as a brand or a product, something that you can position within a marketplace. What makes it unique?”

Ryan Robinson has blogged for a decade, gets 500,000 monthly readers, and earns $30,000 a month.

He knows what it takes to build a successful blog.

In a 20-minute video he shares 21 blogging tips including ways to figure out what to write, get traffic, and grow your email list.

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3. How To Motivate Yourself By Understanding How Motivation Works

“Motivation is the desire to escape discomfort.”

You don’t have a procrastination problem — you just misunderstand how motivation works.

Nir Eyal explains how to motivate yourself by understanding how motivation works and suggests several techniques you can use to overcome your self-defeating behaviors including the 10-minute rule.

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4. 20 Lessons From An Expert In Course Creation

“Give your tribe a proper name to use for what you teach. Give your frameworks memorable names too.”

Every course may be unique, but the successful ones all have a few things in common.

Andrew Barry shares 20 lessons for course creators including how to develop credibility, build an audience, and root your course in transformation.

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5. How To Get 1,000 Email Signups In A Day

“If every new user that signs up brings a few of their friends, that’s essentially the easiest way to grow.”

Zaurbek Starek built a simple app prototype in a day. Then, he spent a day promoting it.

In this 11-minute video he reveals how he got 1,000 email signups in a day and what he learned from experimenting with promotion on Reddit, Facebook, and using a tool to gamify his signup page.

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I Made Some Resources To Help You

I put together a few special resources to help you grow your audience or business.

Check these out:

How To Write A New Client Proposal

The Secrets of Successful Creators

Four Tweet Formats That Work Every Time

How To Get Things Done Each Day


Join This Is How I Do It for access to all of those resources plus 50 more resources and templates you can use to save time, money, and effort growing your audience or business.

It’s $1,600 worth of resources bundled up into a $120 package.

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My Final Words Of The Week

I had an epiphany this week about how to figure out what content to create.

Here it is.

Have a great week!


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