5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

Creators often ask me whether they should focus on quantity or quality.

My answer?

Yes. 😉

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. How To Get Clients

“A collection of the most valuable advice I’ve shared in my newsletter about how to get clients.”

I’ve shared a lot of tips over the years to help you attract clients and now I’ve compiled all of them on a single how to get clients page.

You’ll find links to every article, podcast episode, and video I’ve created or shared over the years that includes advice on how find the right clients and get them to hire you.

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2. How To Build A Community That Doesn’t Fail

“A purpose is the primary value that members get by participating in the community.”

Most online communities fail for the same reason.

Stew Fortier breaks down how to build a community that doesn’t fail and points out the key to a successful community is to build it around a specific purpose and not just a vague category.

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3. Tips From 102 Creators Who Have Earned More Than $100,000

“Your audience will tell you what products to build if you listen carefully.”

There are so many ways to earn money as a creator these days and it’s helpful to hear what’s worked for others.

Gumroad shares tips from 102 creators who have earned more than $100,000 including advice about what they sell and how they’ve sold it.

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4. How To Use The Domino Strategy To Get What You Want

“Put the dominoes in just the right sequence so that each small step makes the next, bigger step possible.”

It’s not enough to do the right things — you’ve also got to do them in the right order.

Ramit Sethi explains how to use the Domino Strategy to get what you want including how to identify your first domino, sequence the rest, and escape the treadmill of disappointment.

Btw, I found this link in the Idea Economy newsletter.

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5. The Secret To A Successful Email Marketing Strategy

“85% of people who buy don’t make a purchase until AFTER 90 days.”

This will change the way you approach your email relationship with your audience or customers.

Andre Chaperon and Shawn Twing break down why the secret to a successful email marketing strategy is relationships and explain how this realization should transform your approach to email marketing.

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You’re One Click Away From More Clients And Sales

I want to help you grow your business.

That’s why I’ve created a collection of resources to help you get more clients and sales.

Join This Is How I Do It today to get access to all these resources:

• How to get clients without chasing them

• How to write new client proposals

• How to get testimonials

• How to repackage and profit from archival content

• How to approach scaling your business

• How to set boundaries with clients

• How to use blog posts to get clients

• How to write a last chance sales email

• Questions to ask before taking on a client

• How to use excerpts to sell a course

• How to sell a pay-what-you-want product

• How to create and sell an ebook

Plus, you’ll get 50 more resources to help you grow your audience and business.

Get This Is How I Do It here.

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My Final Words Of The Week

I published a blog post featuring 40 one-sentence email tips in July.

It was read by about 3,000 people over the next two months.

Then, Morning Brew featured it in September and again this past week and it spread around the internet.

It’s now been read by 52,000 people.

That article isn’t any better than when I published it — it’s just gotten more exposure.

Be patient.

Have a great week!


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