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How To See What Successful People See

Yes or no. A or B. Pass or fail.

It’s easy to believe success is determined by a series of binary decisions we make.

But that’s a trap.

Successful people refuse to be limited to binary choices and recognize there are infinite options at our disposal if we have the patience, courage, and creativity to look for them.

In compiling ideas for my For The Interested newsletter each week I see time and again how people’s success is determined by their ability to see things others don’t.

Here are three examples of how people have done so by approaching their job, industry, and negotiations in a broader way.

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How I Doubled The Reach Of My Facebook Posts Without Spending Any Money

My Facebook page isn’t huge…but it’s growing.

While my For The Interested newsletter is closing in on 12,000 subscribers, its Facebook page currently only has 2,200 fans.

But the page’s posts are reaching an average of 1,185 people which is a big percentage of my audience — especially considering it’s happening without paid promotion of the posts.

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7 Strategies To Help You Create Work That Lasts Forever

“It’s worth remembering that Star Wars was beaten at the box office by Smokey and the Bandit. A launch is important, but we must bear in mind what Kafka’s publisher wrote to his author after poor sales: ‘You and we know that it is generally just the best and most valuable things that do not find their echo immediately.’ In other words, it is far better to measure your campaign over a period of years, not just months.”

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