10 Quick Tips For Bloggers

People enjoyed my 10 Quick Tips for Creators, so I put together another batch of simple advice — this time for bloggers (or really anybody who posts written content online).

1. The answer to every question people ask you is a blog post ready to be written.

2. The quickest way to get people to pay you for your expertise is to share it for free in blog posts.

3. One blog post can change your life, business or career. But you’ll never know which one will do it until it happens.

4. Your headline is the most important sentence in your post.

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5. There’s value in writing for other people’s platforms, but never as much as there is writing for your own. Syndicate your posts, but don’t give them exclusively to others.

6. You can write posts without outlining what you want to say first, but they will always turn out better if you create an initial outline first.

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7. The goal is to share as MUCH value as possible in as FEW words as possible.

8. You don’t have to blog for an audience, you can blog for yourself. But if you do, you can’t also expect to attract an audience.

9. Your blog can be the engine that powers your social media presence if you learn to repurpose its content instead of just sharing links to it. Extract ideas from your posts and share them natively on your social platforms to get more traction.

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10. There are few guarantees in life, but here’s one: Your 100th blog post will be better than your 10th.