Social Media Is a $1 Burger, Not a $2 Soda

Use it accordingly.

People who suggest social media doesn’t deliver ROI don’t get it.

The goal is not more followers, likes, or engagement. The goal is to use social media to attract and connect with your ideal audience to accomplish your actual goals.

Your investment in social media isn’t designed to pay off ON social media. It’s a loss leader.

These platforms create opportunities for you to find and connect with just about any target audience at scale, but the idea is then to convert them into something that drives a more concrete return on investment for you.

Maybe the goal of your Facebook page isn’t to get more fans, but to attract people who join your email list where the real value lies.

Maybe the point of your tweets isn’t to get retweets, but to network with people who can ultimately advance your career.

Maybe the value of your Instagram posts doesn’t come in the number of likes they earn, but in the number of customers they attract.

When a fast food place sells a burger for a dollar, they’re not doing it to make money on the burger — they’re doing it to draw people in so they can sell them an overpriced soda.

That’s where their return on investment is found.

Social media isn’t the end goal. It’s the loss leader.

Use it accordingly.