9 Surprising Things You Can Do On Social Media Platforms

Every once in a while, social media platforms introduce a feature that’s actually super useful.

Unfortunately, most people don’t even know these features exist.

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Here are a few helpful things you may not realize you can do on social media platforms…

1. You can feature more than one link in your Instagram bio.

Instagram’s certainly not the most link-friendly platform in the world and the chances are there’s more than one link you’d like to drive people to who check out your profile.

Linktree is the solution to your problem.

It’s a free tool that lets you set up a single link which, when people click it, pops up a window featuring multiple links of your choosing.

2. You can see any ad that anybody runs on Facebook.

Want to know what ads your competitors are running to generate business?

Want to see exactly how politicians are promoting themselves?

Looking for inspiration to improve your own ads?

You can see it all.

Just go to any Facebook page, click on the Page Info button, click Active Ads, and you’ll see whatever ads that page is currently running.

Here’s how to do it.

3. You can view your Twitter feed in chronological order to see every tweet from people you follow and disable the algorithm.

At the top right of your Twitter feed you’ll see a little star icon.

When you click it, you can choose to see the latest tweets instead of the algorithmic feed you typically see.

4. You can create a new email address without creating a new email address.

If you use Gmail and need an email address to sign up for something but don’t want to use your existing email address, here’s a great trick.

Just add a + sign and whatever other words you want after your name and before the @ sign to create a “new” address that will function in your existing inbox.

For example, if your name is name@gmail.com, you could create name+newsletters@gmail.com and use that address to subscribe to newsletters.

Then, you could set up a filter in your Gmail settings to direct any emails that come to that alternate address to go directly to a folder and have all your newsletter subscriptions (which hopefully include one to For The Interested) directly into that folder.

5. You can create a collaborative Spotify playlist.

Here’s one that’s a lot of fun and great for engagement with your audience.

You can create a playlist that allows anybody to not only listen to it, but also add their own songs to the playlist.

6. You can create your own Twitter Moment.

You know how Twitter compiles a series of tweets into a “Moment” to showcase discussion about a particular news topic or event?

Well, you can also create your own to feature your own tweets and/or tweets from anybody else that can be read/shared by anybody on Twitter.

Here’s how:

7. You can pin a post to the top of your Twitter or Facebook feed.

You know that awesome post you want everybody who visits your profile to see?

You can easily pin it to the top of your profiles so it will always be the first post they see when they look at your page.

Here’s how to do it on Facebook and here’s how to do it on Twitter.

8. You can view an alternate Twitter feed or follow people without actually following them.

Twitter Lists are one of the most valuable (and often overlooked) features on the platform.

You can use them to create themed lists of people to follow (publicly or privately) and accessing those lists essentially gives you an alternate news feed featuring only tweets from the people on that list.

Here’s how to use them:

9. You can run social media ads targeting people on your email list.

Facebook, Twitter, and just about every social media platform that offers advertising allows you to upload a list of email addresses you have (newsletter subscribers, customers, etc.) and target those people on their platforms with ads.

Basically, any people whose email addresses you upload that also use those platforms will be matched and your ads will be served to them.

You can also create Lookalike Audiences based on those people which is a great way to find new people who are similar to the ones that have already bought your products or subscribed to your email list.

Here’s how to do it on Facebook and how to do it on Twitter.

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