7 Things Successful People Ignore

Successful people share a common ability, but it’s not what you think.

We hail them for their hard work, vision, and dedication, but overlook what truly sets them apart —an ability and willingness to ignore things.

No matter how talented or dedicated you are, your ultimate success hinges on your ability to overcome a gauntlet of powerful forces that can tempt, distract, and derail you.

You don’t need to conquer these challenges to get where you want to go — you just need to ignore them.

Here are a few to be on the look out for…

1. Successful People Ignore Other People’s Success

It doesn’t matter how your peers, colleagues, or competitors are doing — their success doesn’t preclude you from being successful.

Success is not a zero sum game — the number of people who can experience it is limitless.

The more you dwell on what’s happening for others, the worse off you’ll be for it.

2. Successful People Ignore Fear

Everybody feels fear, but not everybody succumbs to it.

Successful people don’t let fear of failure interfere with their pursuit of a goal and they refuse to be sidelined by it.

It’s OK to be afraid, but not OK to use that fear as an excuse not to do something.

(Btw, here’s how to overcome your fear and get what you want.)

3. Successful People Ignore Haters

No matter what you do, some people will hate it.

And those people will express those feelings louder than the ones who love what you do.

That’s why 90% of internet comments are negative.

But the haters are meaningless. The only people who matter for your work are the ones who like it.

Concentrate on them and don’t allow haters to steal your valuable time and attention.

4. Successful People Ignore Money

What’s best for your ultimate success isn’t always what pays you the most money.

One path may pay better than another, but if it doesn’t align with the direction you want to go then it isn’t the best option — it’s a distraction.

Money is important, but don’t let it be the main thing that guides your decisions. There’s a tremendous power and freedom that comes from making decisions that aren’t primarily driven by finances.

5. Successful People Ignore The Odds

You’re probably going to fail. Most people do at some point.

The odds are stacked dramatically against you. You need to understand that, but not dwell on it.

Don’t let the scope of the war distract you from the battle at hand. Focus on what you can control and making progress to your goal, instead of getting overwhelmed by the odds of what you hope to accomplish.

Nobody who doesn’t believe they can succeed ever does.

(Btw, here’s how to better handle the failures of your past, present, and future.)

6. Successful People Ignore Jealousy

Don’t be jealous of others and don’t attempt to make others jealous of you.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in that and is one of the most unproductive things you can do.

7. Successful People Ignore Conventional Wisdom

Just because the “experts” say there’s a particular way to approach your work, or use social media, or do anything, doesn’t mean there is.

Most breakout success comes from going AGAINST the conventional wisdom of the day.

Ignore how others think something should be done — do what’s authentic to you and learn from your mistakes.

There are no “rules,” so don’t worry about them. Make your own.

Because that’s what successful people do.

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