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Take The Win

Take the win.

It’s easy to believe something can be improved, but that doesn’t mean it’s not already good enough.

It’s easy to criticize the flaws, but that doesn’t mean they outweigh the accomplishments.

It’s easy to convince ourselves we should do more, but that doesn’t mean more will be better.

It’s easy to assume we don’t have enough, but that may be the case no matter how much we have.

It’s easy to keep tinkering with something, but that doesn’t mean it’s not done.

It’s easy to feel something hasn’t lived up to our expectations, but that doesn’t mean it fell short.

It’s easy to feel like we’ve wasted our time, but that doesn’t mean we have.

It’s easy to chase productivity, but being more productive won’t necessarily produce more of what we want.

It’s easy to dive in to our next project, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take a moment to celebrate the conclusion of this one.

It’s easy to forget to take the win.

But it’s better not to.