The Truth About Social Media “Hacks”

The things that matter most are the things they don’t say.

When social media experts offer you “hacks,” they neglect to mention something.

They tell you to use hashtags, but neglect to mention they only work if your content is good.

They tell you what time to post, but neglect to mention that only works if your content provides value to your audience.

They tell you how to write headlines that get clicks, but neglect to mention those clicks are meaningless if your content doesn’t live up to the promise of its headline.

They tell you to work with influencers, but neglect to mention most influencers aren’t that influential.

They tell you which platforms you “must” use, but neglect to mention every platform has more than enough audience on it for you to succeed.

They tell you how to create a personal brand, but neglect to mention your work defines your brand more than your profile pic.

They tell you that you can just hack your way to social media success, but neglect to mention that you can’t.