The Way Baby Boomers Use Technology Is Incredible, Not Embarrassing

“Maybe we’re all looking at our boomer parents’ social media strategy (if you can call it that) the wrong way. Lack of gratitude for their love aside, maybe it’s refreshing that they don’t ‘get’ it, that they have no interest in curating some fake proxy version of themselves on the internet. It’s possible that they’re the last vestige of real purity online, and that’s probably why they make us so uncomfortable.”

If your parents use social media, you’re going to love this Alana Hope Levinson essay — and your parents might love it even more.

She breaks down the amusing/embarrassing/impressive way baby boomers use social media and points out while it may be easy to make fun of, it’s possible they’re actually better at it than most younger people.

Because while Boomers may not know what a GIF is, they do know how to be authentic online.