Why You Should “Like” More Things

More than three million people “Liked” something on Facebook in the last minute.

Few considered the impact of their action.

“Because while we obsess over getting Likes, we think little about what it means to give them.”

That’s a shame because Likes are a more powerful tool than you realize.

Likes on Facebook and Instagram, Faves on Twitter, and of course Recommends on Medium can positively influence the world — or at least your tiny section of it.

Here are three reasons to use them more often…

A Like means more to its recipient than you realize.

Before I continue, take a few seconds to watch this great video from Lev Yilmaz.

Feel familiar?

You know it feels good to get a Like. But it often means more than just a momentary feeling of satisfaction.

For many — especially creative types who struggle to find the confidence to produce work and share it with the world — a few Likes can make a huge difference.

It makes them feel seen. Encouraged. That it’s worth pursuing their dreams another day.

That’s a big deal. And a lot of power you, the Like-giver, has at your fingertips.

“Your decision to Like a post may seem like a casual one, but it means exponentially more to the recipient.”

It’s the easiest opportunity you’ll ever have to be a patron. Take advantage of it.

Don’t be stingy with Likes — use them to encourage the people and projects you enjoy.

They’ll appreciate it more than you imagine.

A Like helps the community more than you realize.

Your community needs you to Like things.

In most platforms, Likes are recommendations. They impact algorithms and influence what appears in people’s feeds.

“They are data points that fuel discovery engines and determine much of the way social media “works.””

A Like is your single most effective way to improve how social media operates for all of us.

It’s your opportunity to increase the value we all get from social media.

A Like is your vote. Use it.

A Like benefits you more than you realize.

Altruism isn’t the only reason to Like more things.

There are selfish reasons to use more Likes as well.

Besides helping social algorithms (hopefully) deliver you more relevant content, the Like button also enables the real core value of social media — connection.

When you Like somebody’s content, it connects you with its creator. It’s an ice breaker that signals to them your interest in what they do and an invitation for them to get to know you.

Not every person will act on this invitation (which is a story for another post), but some will.

Liking things also increases the chances that others will Like what you do, furthering the distribution and discovery of your own creations.

“And finally, here’s the single best reason I can give you for Liking more things — it will make you feel good.”

It’s a charitable, generous act that requires almost no effort on your part. If you enjoy something you consume, there’s no excuse not to Like it.

Do it more often and you’ll be surprised at what happens next.

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