How To Stop Waiting And Start Figuring It Out

It’s time to stop waiting.

Waiting for somebody to give you an opportunity. For the right moment.

Waiting doesn’t get you closer to success. Starting does.

Don’t expect to get it right the first time.

Break from the mindset that your first attempt needs to be successful. It’s not going to be.

You’re probably going to fail.That’s fine.

Thinking you need to do something right the first time you do it will paralyze you.

Accept that things won’t go as planned and recognize that the sooner your first time, the sooner your best time.

Be active.

Action is ALWAYS better than inaction.

Be someone who does things, tries things, and pushes forward.

Be the one who always does, not the one who only dreams.

It’s scary to take action. It’s risky. And it’s required.

Even a step backward can teach lessons that move you forward.

You won’t get anywhere if you stand still.

Learn from your mistakes.

Mistakes are only a problem if you don’t learn from them.

When something you try doesn’t work out, analyze and adjust. That’s how you improve and get where you want to go.

Mistakes are opportunities. Don’t ignore them.

When you recognize that, you’ll be on your way to figuring it out.