The One Thing Nobody Ever Says About Success

This isn’t going to be like most blog posts about success.

Most posts promise our path to success will be easy if we follow their systems and strategies. But that’s not how success works.

Success isn’t easy, it’s hard. Anyone who succeeds at anything knows this.

Because the key to success is not to figure out how to make the path easy, but to recognize it will be hard and be willing to do the hard things it requires.

In that spirit, here are 50 things that are hard to do — and necessary to get where we want to go.

It’s time we recognize how difficult they are.

It’s hard…

  1. To start.
  2. To commit.
  3. To try.
  4. To make a choice.
  5. To set goals.
  6. To show up every day.
  7. To know it might not work and do it anyway.
  8. To fail.
  9. To try again.
  10. To experiment.
  11. To stand out.
  12. To decide.
  13. To disagree.
  14. To take a risk.
  15. To do something for the first time.
  16. To do something different.
  17. To not know.
  18. To be patient.
  19. To be honest with ourselves.
  20. To figure out what we want.
  21. To admit we’re wrong.
  22. To pursue what we want and not what others want for us.
  23. To question.
  24. To be noticed.
  25. To be ignored.
  26. To be doubted.
  27. To work.
  28. To do it when we don’t feel like it.
  29. To face the unknown.
  30. To go against the grain.
  31. To take responsibility.
  32. To lead.
  33. To follow.
  34. To collaborate.
  35. To trust our instincts.
  36. To know who to listen to and who to ignore.
  37. To trust.
  38. To learn.
  39. To have guts.
  40. To chase our dreams.
  41. To conquer our fears.
  42. To change.
  43. To see what others don’t see.
  44. To find a way.
  45. To put ourselves out there.
  46. To be dependable.
  47. To make promises.
  48. To get things done.
  49. To believe.
  50. To finish.

It’s hard to do all of these things. But it’s possible.

And our success depends on it.