5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

A few weeks ago I asked readers if they’d be interested to see classified ads in this newsletter.

The answer was an overwhelming yes as 89% of you said you’d like to see them.

So, I’m excited to launch the new FTI classified ads in this issue — you can see them below the five main ideas I share with you this week.

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Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. Most Paid Newsletters Fail Because They Offer More Instead Of Different

“Almost nobody wants ‘more’ — even of a newsletter they love. They don’t want extra emails or bonus content, and they especially don’t want to pay for those things.”

It seems like everyone is launching a paid newsletter these days, but few succeed because most make the same mistake I once made.

In this post, I suggest most paid newsletters fail because they offer more instead of different and break down what the success of my This Is How I Do It newsletter has taught me about what it takes to launch a successful paid newsletter.

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2. Five Keys To Telling A Powerful Story

“On the surface, this is about a 3 year old. But like all good stories, it’s also about the reader.”

If you can craft a compelling story, you can accomplish just about anything.

Wes Kao shares five keys to telling a powerful story including to use words that make your reader feel something, create space for the reader to fill in the blanks of the story, and remember all good stories are about the reader.

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3. How To Grow Your Twitter Audience From Scratch

“Make sure your comments add a ton of value and can actually stand on their own merit as their own tweets.”

This one isn’t about tricks or hacks to attract meaningless followers, but rather it’s a roadmap to building real, meaningful relationships on Twitter.

Jay Tan breaks down how to grow your Twitter audience from scratch including ways to get discovered by people with large followings in your niche, how to identify who will become your tribe, and what kind of tweets to post on the platform.

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4. How A Website’s Revenue Tripled In Four Hours

“I want to avoid the word ‘learn.’ When you’re teaching somebody how to do something, they don’t want to learn it — they want to have their problem fixed.”

This is a fun watch if you like to nerd out about online business, sales, and marketing.

In a 24-minute video, the team at Income School shows exactly what they did to makeover to a fan’s website and reveal how they tripled the site’s revenue in four hours.

The video’s packed with simple, actionable tips about how to improve sales pages, get more traffic, and price products in ways that drive more revenue.

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5. A Guide To Conversational Copywriting

“Understanding your customer is more important than impressing them.”

Experts always say to write like you talk, but that advice is rarely backed up with examples as clear as the ones in this post.

Harry Dry’s guide to conversational copywriting includes examples of ways to use your customer’s words, let the reader be persuaded, and empathize with your customer.

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My Final Words Of The Week

Opportunities are a mindset.

When you actively look for them, you discover they’re everywhere.

For example, most people who get a book signed simply ask the author for a signature or to address it to someone.

But one smart person instead asks them to share a piece of advice.

The results are pretty cool.

Have a great week.


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