Why White Working-Class People Vote Against Their Interests (Hint: They Don’t)

“It is easy to see why the right-wing narrative is so compelling — it offers formidable enemies (government and unions) and an economic vision that corporations will create new jobs if those enemies are defeated. In that narrative, white working class people will have opportunity again. The left offers no such clear enemy.”

Kirk Noden is a veteran community organizer who offers an interesting take on what’s really happening with white working-class voters and deconstructs the perception that they vote against their own interests.

In this column from The Nation, he suggests they’re not voting against their interests but rather voting for the only persuasive — if misleading — story they’re being offered to support.

No matter your personal politics, it’s an interesting dissection of the two distinct narratives being pitched to white working-class voters about the collapse of the industrial heartland and a solid explanation of why they choose to believe one of them.