You Get The Audience You Deserve

An audience isn’t a right — it’s a responsibility.

Want to grow your audience? Stop ignoring them.

Too many creators chase the attention of new people while failing to live up to the responsibilities of having an audience in the first place.

But you get the audience you deserve.

Working hard to create something great doesn’t necessarily entitle you to an audience.

An audience isn’t a right — it’s a responsibility.

You earn an audience by accepting the responsibilities that come with one.

Here are a few ways to do that…

Pay Attention

Your attention is no more valuable than your audience’s.

If you’re too busy to acknowledge a person who shares your work, you’re too busy to have an audience.

Reward the behavior you want and you’ll get more of it.

Give More Than You Ask

There’s nothing wrong with asking your audience to support you.

Promotion of work is actually a generous act and you shouldn’t feel guilty or uncomfortable doing so.

But that’s only true if you spend more time and effort giving to your audience than you do asking of them.

If you’re not willing to bleed for your audience, don’t expect them to bleed for you.

Care As Much About Them As They Do About You

Do you truly care about your audience?

Are you genuinely interested in their goals, struggles, and dreams?

Do they matter to you?

If not, why should they care about you?

Deliver What You Promise

Your audience is only as good as your word.

If you promise them something, do everything in your power to deliver it.

An audience will forgive mistakes, but won’t forgive misdirection

Tricks are for bad marketers — not artists.

Lead By Example

It’s no coincidence people who spew hate and negativity attract audiences that revel in it.

Your audience reflects what you put into the world and if you don’t like the way they behave, it’s not their fault — it’s yours.

But the opposite is also true.

Set a good example and you’ll attract an audience of people who will do the same.

Want an audience of lovely people to flock to your work?

Be lovely.