Read This Before You Hire A Social Media Expert

This post is a bad career move for me.

Because I’m a social media consultant who’s about to tell you why you may not need one.

But too many companies waste money on social agencies and “experts” who don’t give them their money’s worth, so I’d like to help you avoid that.

Here are a few things to consider before you hire somebody to help you with social media.

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Great Storytellers Explain How To Tell A Great Story

“A story is kind of a black box and you’re going to put the reader in there. She’s going to spend some time with this thing you’ve made and when she comes out, what’s going to have happened to her in there is something kind of astonishing. It feels like the curtain’s been pulled back and she’s gotten a glimpse into a deeper truth. As a story writer, that’s not as easy as it sounds.”

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