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How To Learn New Things As An Adult

“We really underestimate the role that deliberation and reflection play in learning. To a degree we know it, this is why you think of things in the shower or right before you go to bed. You have these moments where you brain is thinking through the day, making connections, and what’s important, I think, for people who are trying to learn more effectively, is to make organized time for that.”

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Here Are The Ages You Peak At Everything In Life

“There really is something daunting about approaching a round-numbered birthday. Researchers looking at people who were 29, 39, 49, or 59 found that they were more likely to make a big life change — good or bad. They found that these ‘9-enders’ were overrepresented in groups of people seeking to have an affair, people killing themselves, and people running a marathon for the first time.”

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