How Your Dreams Are Holding You Back

“I like to think America got its Declaration of Independence because someone told Thomas Jefferson he was a terrible speaker and should focus on writing. Oprah was lucky that a producer told her she was unfit for television news, it’s what gave her an opportunity to do daytime television. Plenty of people had their lives switched this way — they thought they were heading in the right direction until someone showed them they weren’t even on the right road.”

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How To Overcome Your Fear And Get What You Want

A funny thing happens when we’re presented with an opportunity.

We get scared.

Because we’ve often spent years chasing the opportunity and discover we grew comfortable with that chase. It became part of our daily narrative, of our identity.

Then, suddenly, that opportunity is within our grasp.

And we freak out.

Turns out what it takes to chase an opportunity isn’t the same as what it takes to act on one.

Scared by the potential changes an opportunity may bring with it, we often find ways to avoid acting on it. We self-sabotage, hide, and create excuses why it’s not the right opportunity or the right time.

But that’s just fear and we can move past it if we remind ourselves of five simple things.

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