My 20 Most Popular Posts Of 2018

Thank you.

For the past 12 months you’ve read, liked, commented, and shared the 52 posts and 50 issues of my For The Interested newsletter I’ve published and I don’t take that for granted.

I appreciate your attention, feedback, and generosity more than you know.

Following are the 20 posts which resonated most with readers this year in case you missed any of them.

(And if you’re curious, here are my most popular posts from 2017 and 2016.)

20. “What if we only worked on projects we’re willing to commit to doing 100 times?”

Only Do It If You’re Willing To Do It 100 Times

19. “People claim to want to do something that matters, yet they measure themselves against things that don’t, and track their progress not in years but in microseconds.”

17 Ideas To Improve Your Creative Work From The Book “Perennial Seller”

18. “If you don’t enjoy your work and life individually, you’ll never find balance between them.”

15 Truths About Work-Life Balance That Just Might Help You Find It

17. “Most creators don’t maximize the value of their creations.”

8 Ways To Maximize The Value Of Your Social Media Content

16. “Lots of people have problems they don’t realize are problems. But it’s easier to sell to somebody who seeks a solution than somebody who doesn’t know they need one.”

Want To Make Money From Your Expertise? Start Here.

15. “Rather than post content about a specific topic that at best appeals to 50% of your audience, post content that enables 100% of your audience to project their own personal favorites on to it.”

How To Create A Social Media Post 100% Of Your Followers Will Like

14. “The more secrets you keep from your audience, the less value you deliver to them.”

5 Tactics I’ve Used To Get 25,000 Newsletter Subscribers

13. “Your audience is at Point A and wants to get to Point B, but doesn’t know how to do so. Your content is the bridge.”

The Two Secrets To Creating Content People Love

12. “It’s better to be the one who tried than the one who wondered.”

10 Quick Tips For Creators

11. “Time is a choice. You’re choosing to use it on other things.”

How To Tell The 11 Excuses That Hold You Back To F- Off

10. “Headlines make or break blog posts and are every bit as important as the content of the post itself.”

How To Write Headlines People Will Click, Like, And Share

9. “A day you do a thing you’ve avoided will always be better than a day you don’t.”

Five Ways To Make Your Day 5x Better Than It Is Right Now

8. “What people say about you and your work reveals more about them than you or your work.”

20 Things To Think About Today In One Minute

7. “True social media success is built not by being fake, but by being more honest, authentic, vulnerable, and real than most people are willing to be.”

8 Not-So-Obvious Concepts That Will Improve Your Social Media Posts

6. “The more you share your backstory, the more people will see similarities to their own and the more likely they are to care about your future.”

Get More Attention For Your Creations By Telling Your Three Stories

5. “It’s about how paying attention to your life enables you to to bend it toward that which makes you happy.”

What I Learned From Writing Down 510 Great Things That Happened To Me In The Last 34 Days

4. “I can and will do many things today, but not at the expense of the most important one.”

A Pledge Of Allegiance To Yourself

3. “Spend money on things that save you time or use your time.”

43 Ways I’ve Learned To Make Life Easier

2. “You can’t call something a distraction unless you know what it’s distracting you from.”

How I Got More Done, Reduced Stress, Increased Focus, And Mastered Time Management In 10 Minutes A Day

1. “When you learn to admit your mistake, accept blame, apologize, and not make excuses you become more trusted and dependable.”

The Five Most Valuable Skills You Can Develop For Free